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Beginners D&D with Paul | Sundays

Beginners D&D with Paul | Sundays

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May & June Dates

Beginners D&D with Paul: Candlekeep Mysteries at The Midnight Oil

A safe and fun way to learn D&D!
Paul will be running the episodic adventures of Candlekeep Mysteries (take a look, it's in a book) from level 1 to level 17. This will be specifically for players new to 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons.

Start time and end:  4:00PM - 7:00PM
Capacity: 3 to 5 Players
Entry Cost: $5
Entry Type: Pre-registration Only; can't exceed 5 people
Location: The Midnight Oil

Structure: 5E D&D; 5e Player's Handbook
Character Sheet | Video on how to fill out your character sheet
Event Type: TTRPG
Player Experience: Beginners & New to D&D Welcome!

Player requirements: Only players "new" to Dungeons and Dragons. Players should bring a level 1 character with them (if they know how), or come 15 minutes early to create one. All game-related items will be provided by the GM. The players are encouraged to bring any items that they wish (pencil, notepad, and dice).

Content: Role-play and battle in a fantasy world of magic, fantasy races, and monsters.

Roleplay/ combat mixture: This adventure leans more on exploration and combat, but there can be a good amount of role-playing.

GM Information: kluskiz on Discord

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