147 East King Street

Lancaster, PA 17602

Wednesday - Sunday
Noon - 9:00


WEEK of 08/15

WEDS: D&D Adventurers League 6:00
THURS: Paint & Take Day ($5)
Now with Worbla
FRI: Game Maker Social 6:00
Proto Projector Night
SAT: M:tG Commander Tournament 2:00 ($5)
D&D Adventurers League 5:00
SUN: Free Street Parking All Day
D&D 5E Fishegan (Closed Game)
MotW: Urban (Closed Game)


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Need a table? We have four! Follow the link below to book a meet-up, private or open game, or a workshop, and we'll put you on the schedule.

Skedda Link

Lancaster's Friendly Local Game Store


Projector Nights
Games like Smash Bros., Mario Kart, Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator, and competitive Pokemon Snap. Movies like Princess Mononoke, Birdemic, and The Room. After dusk.

Cosplay Line & Workshops
As fall approaches, we plan to have a line of FX makeup and cosplay materials, workshops by local cosplayers, and a 3D printer for crafting purposes.

Werewolf Nights
Social deduction game Werewolf supports over 8 players and will be orchestrated by Werewolf maestro Dave Albin.

5th Fridays
Lancaster celebrates all sorts of Fridays and Saturdays. Thought we'd take 5th Fridays, since they don't happen every month.

Demo Days
All day drop in/drop out games, where you can learn the basics and take something home. Perfect walkin'-about kind of days.