Zafir: Tactical Roleplaying Game

Zafir: Tactical Roleplaying Game

Zafir Games

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Tactics, Magitech, & Gunfights at your gaming table!

A fast-paced, tactical, cover-shooter RPG that brings something new to the genre.

Set in a world of magic, machines, airships, and daeva, Zafir offers a unique alternative to traditional, western fantasy settings. Play as one of six sapient species and advance along six branching class trees while earning new abilities and fighting deadlier enemies.

With an easy-to-learn, d6-based resolution mechanic and compelling setting, Zafir: Tactical Roleplaying Game is a great choice for any gaming group.

The Zafir: Tactical Roleplaying Game core rulebook includes: the Player's Guide including the rules, species descriptions, class list, and equipment; the Zafir Campaign Setting, with detailed information on the species, nations, history, and technology of Zafir; and the Game Master's Guide, with advice for running games, an example campaign of 5 missions, and the enemy unit list.

Unique “Responsibility” System

Outside of combat, characters in Zafir use their responsibilities to their crew to accomplish their goals. Instead of looking at your character sheet to see “what you can do,” players know what their characters are responsible for and how that can help them succeed.

Inclusive Roleplaying

Everyone should see themselves in the games they play. Zafir specifically includes non-binary and trans characters as well as characters with diverse skin-tones, disabilities, and sexualities. No matter who you are, Zafir is a game for you!

Meaningful Tactical Decisions

Every action characters take has meaning when playing Zafir. Positioning, elevation, and cover all have a huge impact on the state of the battlefield. Strategize with the other players at the table, make a tactical plan, and execute it with deadly precision!

Beautiful, Non-Eurocentric Setting

Loosely inspired by Persian history and Zoroastrian mythology, as well as iconic pop-culture properties like Final Fantasy and Firefly, the world of Zafir doesn’t rely on the well-trodden fantasy tropes of modern RPGs. Instead, experience a magitech world of magic, airships, and spirits.

“Zafir’s overall design and lore are exceptional. Its true strength, however, is in the way it seamlessly meshes its lore, tactics-based combat, and narrative-based adventuring into a single document. It floods the mind with story and character inspiration.”

— Brad, playtester

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