WILD: Wake Initiated Lucid Dreaming

WILD: Wake Initiated Lucid Dreaming


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he development of the ALIS dreamshare device has changed the world.

The technology allows dreamers to enter a shared experience, to delve into the unconscious minds of those in need of help, to create worlds of adventure and exploration, to experience a reality limited only by your imagination.

But without the proper training, using the ALIS device can be a dangerous and frightening experience.

In the WILD RPG players enter this world, where technology and dreams meet. Where dream creatures struggle to break into the waking world, and where you can live out your wildest dreams.

The WILD: Dream Dive Training Simulation is an introduction to the WILD RPG, sending dreamers on a rescue mission into the unconscious. Connect with other dreamers, or dive alone—all you need is this book and a pack of Tarot cards.

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