Traveller with Joe | Sun 6/25 at 4PM

Traveller with Joe | Sun 6/25 at 4PM


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Traveller with Joe
Traveller is a tabletop game where characters journey through star systems, engaging in exploration, ground and space battles, and interstellar trading. It is a cross between Star Trek and Firefly.

First session will be character creation ( different from DND ) and learning about how the game works.

Time: 4:00PM - 7:00PM
Capacity: 7 Players
Entry Cost: $5
Entry Type: Pre-registration & Walk-ins Welcome

Player Requirements: Players will need writing instruments and at least three (6) sided die. The DM has extras if needed. The DM will supply character sheets and anything else required to play.

Content: Sci-fi typical violence and death. Additional content warnings vary from game to game; contact the DM with any concerns.

Roleplay/Combat Mixture: Leans towards combat

GM: Joemcq54 Send any questions via Discord to Joemcq54 or to

The "X" Card
Player safety and comfort are paramount. Every person brings their own valid experiences to the table and some things are best left out of the story. If at any time a player feels uncomfortable with the content of the adventure they may present or tap their "X" card and the story edits out the transgression, no questions asked. The DM may also make use of the "X" card. If the situation warrants it, the player may have a private conversation with the DM about the content (or the other way around). Roleplaying games are improvisational by nature and these precautions are incredibly important.

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