Strixhaven Collector Booster Box

Strixhaven Collector Booster Box

Wizards of the Coast

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This is a pre-order item. Strixhaven's Collector Boosters will be first available the weekend of April 23rd

12 packs. 15 cards each. EXPLOSION?! If you want to get into Strixhaven the fanciest way possible, Collector Boosters are the way. There's some joke here about college admissions that may be a little too soon.

Each Collector Booster, in addition to the usual cornucopia of showcase and shiny cards, will include three cards from the Mystical Archives. Here's how Wizards puts it:

"The Collector Booster has a minimum of three Mystical Archive cards in every booster, including two foil-etched Mystical Archive cards. For these two foil-etched Mystical Archive cards, one will always be an uncommon and the other will always be either a rare or mythic rare. One of the two will always be a global variant and the other will always be a Japanese alternate-art version. For example, if you open a foil-etched Japanese alternate-art Mystical Archive uncommon in your Collector Booster, the other foil-etched Mystical Archive card will always be a global version rare or mythic rare."

For a look at the Japanese versions of the Mystical Archives cards, see here.

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