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Pirate Borg with Sir Hugs (June)

Pirate Borg with Sir Hugs (June)

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Fight Pirates! Get revenge and find the treasure. Survival is not guaranteed. 

Time: 3:30 - 5:30pm 
Capacity: 8
Entry Cost: $5 
Entry Type: Pre-registration and Walk-Ins Welcome 
Location: Farbo Co

Structure: D20 system Mork Borg ; All Information, Sheets, and Rules are on their website:
Event TypeTTRPG
Player Experience: Experienced Players 

Player requirements18+ Character sheets will be provided. Pens/ Pencil and a set of dice

Description of the AdventureTravel to Corpswake Cove and try to make your name. Survival here is never guaranteed but the likelihood of dying into legend is forever growing

Content: Dark and brutal imagery

Roleplay/ combat mixture: Heavy roleplay and combat

GM Information: darthpaxis314

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