Pirate Borg: Corpsewake Cove One Shot with Sir Hugs AKA Nick | Sat 9/30 at 4PM


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Pirate Borg: Corpsewake Cove One Shot with [Sir Hugs AKA Nick] 
Fight Pirates! Get revenge and find the treasure. Survival is not guaranteed. 

Start time and end: 4 - 6 pm 
Entry Cost: $5 
Entry Type: Pre-registration and Walk-Ins Welcome 

Location: Farbo Co in the "Private Room"

Event Type: TTRPGStructure: D20 system Mork Borg 
Player Experience: Experienced Players 

Player requirements: 18+ Character sheets will be provided. Pens/ Pencil and a set of dice

Description of the Adventure: Travel to Corpswake Cove and try to make your name. Survival here is never guaranteed but the likelihood of dying into legend is forever growing

Content: Dark and brutal imagery

Roleplay/ combat mixture: Heavy roleplay and combat

GM Information: darthpaxis314

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