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The Only Living Girl: The Island at the End of Infinity

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Tweens Fiction: Graphic Novel ~ David Gallaher

What is it like to sleep through the Apocalypse?

That's the question thirteen-year-old Zee Parfitt keeps asking herself. The last thing she remembered was a car barreling her way on a crosswalk. Unbeknownst to her, her father - Doctor Thomas Parfitt - made a deal with the devilish Consortium to save his daughter's life. Warped into the deranged monster, Parfitt became Doctor Once - whose love for fiendish mad science drove him to enslave and mutate the inhabitants of the patchwork planet Chimerika. With the Doctor's dying breath, he entrusted The Only Living Boy, Erik Farrell, Zoe's classmate, with the key to saving her life. Now, reunited with Erik, she faces a bold new world, still at war with the Consortium but unified in their fight. She also must face the wake of destruction her father left behind.