The Crysalis

The Crysalis

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Fiction: Fantasy, Horror, Ghost ~ Brendan Deneen

Don’t Go in the Basement

In a brutal spasm of bad luck, Tom and Jenny Decker lose both their cheap Manhattan
apartment and their barely-above-minimum-wage jobs.

Their luck runs hot when they stumble upon a surprisingly affordable house in the
suburbs, an old friend of Tom’s offers him an amazing opportunity, and Jenny discovers
that she’s pregnant.

But there are dark secrets galore in the Deckers’ new/old house. The place has a
violent past. There’s a thing in the basement, a bizarre chrysalis Tom conceals from

Touching it makes him feel like a winner, like he can tackle any challenge―the
mortgage, the commute, impending fatherhood.

Until the night everything goes horribly wrong and the Deckers’ dream life is
exposed as the phantom it always was. The night the chrysalis starts to hatch.

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