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Graphic Novel - Mature

In the far-flung future, the biggest stars don't limit themselves to just one universe. They're famous across countless parallel realities, all interconnected by ever-metastasizing technologies into a dizzying multidimensional maze known as the Trawl.

In this brave new world(s), actors, athletes, and rock stars have all been eclipsed by a different flavor of celebrity: high-tech bounty hunters called Retrievers. These cybernetically enhanced manhunters stalk the Trawl's dimension-hopping super-criminals from one "string" of the multiverse to the next, earning the love of the masses--and obscene amounts of money--every time they take down a fugitive.

But one straightlaced Retriever is different. Tab Tubach has shunned the spotlight her whole life, preferring to work off camera and incognito. But when the prize of a lifetime comes along in the form of the deadliest murderer in multiple histories, Tab will have to team up with the one person who can track their ultra-elusive quarry: her foul-mouthed, fame-hungry mother, Selena--the Scarlet Sylph.

But Selena's glory days are 30 years in the past, and she's spent the intervening decades alienating everyone around her while drinking away the remnants of her fortune. Can this half-dead has-been and her estranged offspring put aside their differences long enough to earn their biggest score ever? Or will this dysfunctional duo wind up getting canceled--permanently?

Find out in Motherlands, the singular science fiction saga from celebrated writer Si Spurrier (Suicide Squad) and acclaimed artist Rachael Stott (Doctor Who)! Collects issues #1-6.