Mysteries of Mukaro Manor: An Kids On Brooms Story with Ruiz | Sun 7/3 4PM

Mysteries of Mukaro Manor: An Kids On Brooms Story with Ruiz | Sun 7/3 4PM


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EVENT POLICY: We are currently only accepting pre-registered participants (no walk-ins) and masks are provided if you don't have one.

Time: 4:00
Capacity: 3 to 6 Players
Entry: $5

Player Requirements: A standard set of RPG Dice or I can provide some. We'll go through character building at the table and I will provide character sheets.

Description of the Adventure: Play as a student or faculty member of one of the greatest schools of magic in the world. It's Accords Day here at Mukaro Manor and you and your fellow students have been gathered to deliver tributes to the local forest spirits as thanks for use of their land. Can you deliver these gifts and keep the tenuous peace? Find out in this Kids On Brooms adventure!

Content: As most PCs will likely be playing as children in dangerous situations, children endangerment will be a present theme and will be handled delicately. X Cards will be provided.

Roleplay/Combat Mixture: Leans towards roleplay and exploration.

The "X" Card
Player safety and comfort are paramount. Every person brings their own valid experiences to the table and some things are best left out of the story. If at any time a player feels uncomfortable with the content of the adventure they may present or tap their "X" card and the story edits out the transgression, no questions asked. The DM may also make use of the "X" card. If the situation warrants it, the player may have a private conversation with the DM about the content (or the other way around). Roleplaying games are improvisational by nature and these precautions are incredibly important.

GM Contact: Arecibo on Discord

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