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Mini Painting Party at The Midnight Oil (07/24)

Mini Painting Party at The Midnight Oil (07/24)

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It's a painting party! For miniatures! Evan dumps all their paints and brushes out on the tables, you grab a mini, and go nuts. Light instruction is provided in the form of "do this first, then this, and use these last, or don't this is just fun". A ticket gets you access to the tools and one miniature from the stash. If you bring your own minis to paint you still get to leave with a new one! Walk-ins are welcome.

Location: The Midnight Oil, 44 N Christian St.
Date: Wednesday, July 24th
Time: 5:00pm to 10:00pm (we start cleaning up the paints & stuff)
This is For: People who want to play and experiment with many different miniature paints and tools, of all ages, of all skill levels.

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