Let's Rob RJ McElhenny

Let's Rob RJ McElhenny


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You're a wizard, and don't let anyone tell you any different. Especially not RJ McElhenny. She's just about the richest author on the planet, all thanks to her series of banal, lowest-common-denominator stories about wizards. Stories that make it pretty clear just what sorts of people she believes deserve to be called "wizards." If you weren't born magical, if you needed to learn how to wield the arcane or if your power stems from a patron or charm... well then you're an almost-wizard, as far as RJ McElhenny and her fans are concerned.

Well now, you've had quite enough of this, so you're going to get revenge the only way you can: stage an elaborate wizard heist through her well-appointed manor and steal her golden quill!

Let's Rob RJ McElhenny and Steal Her Golden Quill is about taking on a fantasy novelist because you're tired of the awful takes she keeps unloading on social media. It is, notably, a game with no subtext whatsoever.

This here is a story game for three to five players. No prep, no GM, about an hour to play unless you really take your time luxuriating in the petty vandalism you wreak on McElhenny Manor. Functionally, it's a simple narrative exercise in using the prompts to create obstacles in your way and telling stories of magic, skill, and teamwork to blow past those obstacles on your way to the heart of McElhenny Manor.

There's no losing the game. This is cathartic revenge fantasy, full of big action scenes powered by magic, where short-term failure just means throwing more spells out until the room finally explodes or whatever.

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