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Experiencing visions of a mythical land throughout your childhood, you are suddenly transported to the Inspirisles, a kingdom ruled by the fey. Responsible for a pact made long ago by your ancestors, you must now earn Belief and the respect of their gods or find yourself trapped there forever.

INSPIRISLES is a completely original tabletop RPG aimed at teenagers. It will promote empathy, life skills and deaf awareness with an emphasis on teamwork and creativity.

  • Play as teens gifted extraordinary powers. 
  • Meet famous characters and fearsome monsters from Celtic folklore. 
  • Work together to heal a crumbling land and restore a fractured kingdom. 
  • Learn British/American Sign Language as you cast spells and solve puzzles. 
  • Become apprentices to the gods.
  • Offer Belief to earn your tickets home. 

Though Inspirisles is aimed at children, it can be enjoyed equally by adults and we are especially encouraging parents, educators and tabletop beginners to invest in our game. Many of us have fond memories of 80s fantasy classics such as The NeverEnding Story & Labyrinth. Inspirisles aims to capture some of that nostalgic magic and transport its older participants back to a more carefree and imaginative time. 

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