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#iHunt: The RPG

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Be a hero. You pick the hours.

#iHunt is a story telling game about killing monsters in the gig economy. In it, you play millennials scraping by paycheck to paycheck to make ends meet. A gig app called #iHunt offers them more money than they've ever made to hit the streets and kill vampires, werewolves, demons, and anything else that goes bump in the night.

  • #iHunt uses a modified version of the Fate Core Rulebook. You do not need it to play.
  • It's a high-drama, story-heavy urban fantasy roleplaying game.
  • It takes a critical look at the gig economy with irreverent humor.
  • Make your own hunters and monsters using easy collaborative tools.
  • It uses one normal six-sided die, and four Fate Dice.
Zine Supplements: We're expanding on the world of #iHunt through a series of "zine supplements" or as we call them, "zupplements." We're releasing at least one of these short books per month via our Machine Age Patreon. Every six months, we compile these into a "Season Book." The current season books are:

  • Season One: Uncertain Times (Zines 01-07)
  • Season Two: Persist & March On (Zines 08-14)
About Our Agenda: #iHunt is a game by and for the LGBTQ+ community. This is a game by and for poor people. This is a game for all the people society leaves behind and lets fall through the cracks. We wrote this game to see ourselves kicking butt in a world when the game industry at large is still hostile to diversity despite all claims to the contrary. This isn’t a game with some milquetoast sidebar about how “you’re allowed to play gender nonbinary characters.” This is a game about marginalized people. Are you allowed to play it if you’re not from a marginalized group? Of course. But understand that this is a game written with our concerns unapologetically first and foremost, front and center.