Fungi of the Far Realms

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Fungi of the Far Realms is a tabletop role-playing game supplement/illustrated encyclopaedia chock to the gills with fictional mushrooms. Each entry is ready to run with your favourite fantasy game or simply to be read and enjoyed in a good wingback chair by the fire. 

Written by Alex Clements and illustrated by Shuyi Zhang, each of its many entries represent the idiosyncratic field notes of celebrated fictional mycologist E.Q. Wintergarden, making the book an in-game artefact you can hand your players.

From the book's own introduction:

 "Published 80 years ago, it remains the most sought after tome on the subject of identification and as a general glossary of fungi, lichen and slime moulds in the infinite realms we call home. Not only is it essential for the identification of over 200 different species, but it remains the golden standard of the small but verdant genre of mushroom writing. Each entry reads like a poem in its perfection of form and lyrical charm, whilst never sacrificing the scientific rigour for which E.Q. Wintergarden was known. 

This illuminated facsimile edition comes with the original illustrations by Shuyi Zhang who was a close companion on Wintergarden’s expeditions, and thus saw many of these fungi alive in the wild. Their attention to detail allows unprecedented accuracy, far surpassing that of lesser artists who take their references from samples or, disturbingly often, from the illustrations of better persons than themselves."

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