FOX TALES with Fox | Tues (3 dates: 9/19 9/26 10/3) at 11AM

FOX TALES with Fox | Tues (3 dates: 9/19 9/26 10/3) at 11AM


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FOX TALES with Fox
First adventure: Dirge of the Dead set in my Ravenloft domain of CryNoMore.

I will be holding episodic game sessions to run my own written adventures with a small group. The first adventure will be set in Ravenloft in my homebrewed domain of CryNoMore. 

The first adventure will be Dirge of the Dead set in the homebrewed Ravenloft domain CryNoMore. It's a setting based on London around 1860, Victorian & Edwardian. In the Fog, the ravens whisper secrets, and the lamplighters tell tales. The rich dine, dance and desire while the poor work the mines and pilot the fishing fleet that feeds the stolen city. A great river, the Crynamo, feeds the bay while the prince rules from his keep on Crya Isle. 

Start time and end:  11AM - 3PM
Capacity: 4 to 5 Players (3 seats already taken)
Entry Cost: $5
Entry Type: Pre-registration and walk-ins welcome, please reach out before hand.
Location: Farbo Co in the "Private Room"

Structure: 5E D&D; 5e Player's Handbook
Event Type: TTRPG; homebrew
Player Experience: Experienced players are preferred

Player requirements: +16 aged players

Content: The game will be horror, everything that might be found in a Stephen King novel. Fun horror. Nothing that might upset anyone. Ghosts. Vampires. Curses.  There may be body horror, ghosts, zombies, and the scariest of all: bureaucracy.

Roleplay/ combat mixture: It will be a mix of roleplay and combat scenes.

GM Information: tfox0278 on discord

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