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Panic! A major exhibition is supposed to open tomorrow with previously unknown masterpieces of the famous modern artists Paco Picassimo, Wasidy Kalninsky, and Boy Lichtenberg. However overnight all the paintings disappeared! The most famous art critics are in town to have a close look.

The museum employees – all ambitious amateur artists – quickly grab the panels with the picture titles and start drawing furiously. But they shouldn’t get too carried away because if the severe critics cannot figure out what they ware seeing, then the artists will not receive good reviews.

Picassimo includes 900 terms to be drawn and 3 levels of playing difficulty

Level 1: Simple terms that are relatively easy to draw and recognize. This category is also the most suitable for children.

Level 2: Challenging terms that are tricky to draw and to guess.

Level 3: Experience and trivia knowledge is required. This professional category includes famous personalities, film, TV characters, well known buildings, places, paintings, statues, book titles and more.


Game Contents


  • 6 player's privacy screens
  • 6 erasable drawing boards
  • 18 nation cards
  • 150 term cards
  • 7 transformation cards
  • 6 scorecards
  • 6 non-permanent markers.

Recommended for 3-6 Players Ages 8 and up.

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