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2018 Indie Groundbreaker Nominee for Best Art
2018 Indie Groundbreaker Nominee for Best Rules

What kind of human will you be?

Timid like a rabbit? Loyal like a wolf? Or maybe deadly like a serpent?

Our favorite animals taught us everything we know. The nature of their lessons varies: the advice of the cooperative ants is very different from that of the thieving raccoons. Can we get along with our fellow humans with only the animals to guide us? The time has come to find out.

In Eden you'll collaborate to create a unique map of the Garden, then role-play as the first generation of humans living among its creatures. How will their lessons shape your future? Will you live together in peace and friendship as one human family? Or will you shun your humanity and become more and more like the beasts that surround you?

3-5 players. 2-3 hours. No prep, no GM.

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