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Dungeon Pets

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Hello and welcome to Marvs Fabulous Magical Emporium, the universes foremost traveling bazaar for all things magical and full of wonderment. Today is your lucky day my friend, as I have many strange and wondrous creatures in stock that make excellent and entertaining pets for discerning adventurers such as yourself.

Dungeon Pets is a system-neutral Illustrated bestiary that includes a guide on how to convert these monstrous pets over to any game system. Each pet comes with some basic stats, a full description, and a listing of various traits such as abilities, habits, and ecology. Everything a Gamemaster and Player will need to bring these creatures to life in their game.

Dungeon Pets is an RPG Zine that includes:
  • 23 unique Dungeon Pets.
  • Rules to include Dungeon Pets into any game system.
  • Examples of Dungeon Pets converted over to various game systems.
  • Optional pet health system.
  • Successfully Kickstarted as part of Zinequest 2020.
Dungeon and Dragons inspired monsters every week. A few of these monsters became part of a series that I called Dungeon Pets, which at first just consisted of monsters that were small and cute and not very deadly.

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