Dream Askew / Dream Apart (Hardcover)

Dream Askew / Dream Apart (Hardcover)


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Dream Askew and Dream Apart are two games of belonging outside belonging. Each is about a marginalized group of people living together in precarious community. Dream Askew explores the story of a queer enclave amid the collapse of civilization. Dream Apart explores the story of a Jewish shtetl in a fantastical version of nineteenth-century Eastern Europe.

Both games are played in much the same way: by creating characters, roleplaying as them, and telling an impromptu story together. The rules and structure ensure that you always have creative prompts to work with. It’s beginner-friendly!

This book teaches you how to play either of these games, as they share a common structure. It also provides you with a breakdown of all the materials you’ll print out and use during play, depending on which of the two games you pick. Finally, it ends with a guide to designing your own games of belonging outside belonging.

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