Dread: Beneath the Metal Sky (One-Shot) with Ashowan | Fri 10/20 at 3PM

Dread: Beneath the Metal Sky (One-Shot) with Ashowan | Fri 10/20 at 3PM


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Dread: Beneath the Metal Sky (One-Shot) with Ashowan
Submit yourself to the horrors of space in a one-shot adventure tasking the crew of a small starship to explore a derelict hulk they find floating mysteriously in the middle of nowhere. Swap out character stats for background questionnaires and rolling dice for pulling wooden blocks from an increasingly unstable tower. And if the tower falls, so do you...

Start time and end: 3pm-6pm
Capacity: 3-6 Players
Entry Cost: $5
Entry Type: Pre-registration and Walk-Ins Welcome (Up to Capacity)
Location: FarboCo, in the Private Room

Structure: The Dread RPG System, using the Beneath the Metal Sky story from the game manual.  The game will be played entirely in the theater of the mind, with no minis or other visuals.
Event Type: TTRPG
Player Experience: This event is welcoming to players with all levels of experience, but players should be prepared for a large amount of roleplaying

Player requirementsAge 13+ Players will be asked to fill out basic player character questionnaires provided to them by the DM prior to the session. 

Description of the Adventure: The player characters have come across a seemingly abandoned space hulk and have docked to investigate. As they attempt to discover what happened aboard the ship, they will learn that it is not as empty as it first appeared.

Content: As a dedicated horror game, Dread may not be suitable for players concerned about being frightened or triggered by certain themes or concepts. This particular story includes content warnings for death, body horror, gore, isolation, firearms, and darkness. Players uncertain if the game would be a good fit for them are encouraged to reach out to the DM.

Roleplay/ combat mixture: The game will be almost entirely roleplaying

GM Information: Contact at gmashowan on Discord

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