D&D Kids Summer Program

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Calling young heroes! From July 17 to Aug 14, every Tuesday at 6:00, our shop is hosting a private Dungeons & Dragons adventure for kids ages 11 to 16. Over the course of five weeks, players will learn the game, create their characters, build a world together, and explore it through sword, sorcery, diplomacy, and ingenuity. Each player will receive a treasures chest, a Players Handbook, a character miniature to paint, and more! Stop in to FARBO Co for details.

James has run D&D for children in Philadelphia and encourages the collaborative storytelling and social opportunities that roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons presents. He has been playing for almost twenty years and is passionate enough about tabletop games to have opened the very shop you will be playing in.

We currently have space for up to five players. The $150 includes all materials, treasure, time, and is due during signup. As more Dungeon Masters step up to run games for children, our capacity will increase. A special "Girls Only" game is in the works by Kate McMeans.