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D&D 5E Mystery Fleshpit National Park with Mango | Sun 6/5 4PM

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EVENT POLICY: We are currently only accepting pre-registered participants (no walk-ins) and masks are provided if you don't have one.

Time: 4:00
Capacity: 3 to 7 Players
Entry: $5

Requirements: 5th level character, pencil, paper, dice for D20 based game. Some TTRPG experience preferred but willing to teach new players.

Description of the Adventure: Based on the illustrations and writings by Trevor Roberts, AKA StrangeVehicles. This is a D&D 5E fantasy adaption for Mystery Fleshpit National Park in where you and a group of contractors for the Gneodyne corporation will be exploring and delving into an underground Fleshscape hosting a living, breathing forest nested in a superorganism. Your mission if you so choose to sign on the dotted line is to aid in the reopening of the Mystery Fleshpit National Park.

Content Warnings: Biological horror, possibility for fantasy violence, death, blood. conversations will be held at table as well

Roleplay/Combat Mixture: Leans toward Roleplay with combat typically up to players


The "X" Card
Player safety and comfort are paramount. Every person brings their own valid experiences to the table and some things are best left out of the story. If at any time a player feels uncomfortable with the content of the adventure they may present or tap their "X" card and the story edits out the transgression, no questions asked. The DM may also make use of the "X" card. If the situation warrants it, the player may have a private conversation with the DM about the content (or the other way around). Roleplaying games are improvisational by nature and these precautions are incredibly important.