MÖRK BORG: Corpsewake Cove Part 2 with Nick | Sun 7/31 4PM

MÖRK BORG: Corpsewake Cove Part 2 with Nick | Sun 7/31 4PM


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EVENT POLICY: We are currently only accepting pre-registered participants (no walk-ins) and masks are provided if you don't have one.

Time: 4:00
Capacity: 3 to 5 Players
Entry: $5

Player Requirements: A pencil, paper, traditional dice for a D20 based game, a dark sense of humor

Description of the Adventure: You will die, or will you, it is for you to decide in this escape from prison. You are there for a nefariously evil deed and are set to be hung till death for your crimes. There is a chance to escape this sadistic prison though and it is up to you and 2-to 5 other brazen criminals to work together to escape the temple of the blood god.

Content Warnings: Graphic descriptions of violence and psychological horror

Roleplay/Combat Mixture: Heavy Roleplay and desperate combat

The "X" Card
Player safety and comfort are paramount. Every person brings their own valid experiences to the table and some things are best left out of the story. If at any time a player feels uncomfortable with the content of the adventure they may present or tap their "X" card and the story edits out the transgression, no questions asked. The DM may also make use of the "X" card. If the situation warrants it, the player may have a private conversation with the DM about the content (or the other way around). Roleplaying games are improvisational by nature and these precautions are incredibly important.

GM Contact: DarthPaxis314 on Discord

tags: intro-games

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