Bookmark MicroRPG Collection

Bookmark MicroRPG Collection


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A collection of 5 micro RPGs of single-player, 2 player, and 2+ player games to be played with a book, printed on full-color cardstock bookmarks. With these games, write, draw, connect, and black out parts of the book to make something new with them. All you need is a pen or a pencil and a book.

The collection includes:

The Backbone of Beasts - a blackout poetry bestiary creation game for 2+. Select words to build your beasts and block out everything else until the pages include only descriptions of strange creatures.

Waylaid Travellers - a story-building and map-making game for two. Encircle words that tell a story of a destination, connect these waypoints throughout the book. Words moving point by point are connected throughout the pages that build both a story and a map.

The Watcher - a self-insert narrative horror game for one. Turn any book into a horror book by imagining yourself present in every scene as you read through a novel. As the story unfolds, imagine the characters noticing you as they go about their lives, persistent and silently watching them.

Reader's Note - a game of speaking through the margins, for two. As you read a novel, keep in mind the person who would like it and to who you will gift it after you are done. Leave little notes in the margin for them for when it’s their turn to read. Thoughts, musings, and jokes that you want to share with them.

Words Unsaid - a story revision game for one. For the times when a book has characters that just don’t make sense. When reading a book that is less than enjoyable, take the time to rewrite and revise the characters, to be more interesting or a little more three-dimensional.

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