BESM 4E Limited Edition Core Book

BESM 4E Limited Edition Core Book

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BESM (or Big Eyes, Small Mouth) is a modular anime roleplaying game that got its start in the 90s. This is the long awaited 4th Edition since 3rd Edition released in 2007 (and no, not the d20 "3rd" edition)! Farbo is such a fanboy of the series that this is the result of a Kickstarter, so supplies are limited. 

What makes BESM special is that it is a flexible, point-based system. Every aspect of your character is bought with points! Freestyle remix! There are no classes or races (unless you want them, and templates are provided in this edition). Can you break BESM? Absolutely! That's not the point unless that is the point. BESM supports just about every genre, so start mixing Azumanga Daioh and 08th MS Team in Neo-Lancaster.

BESM and role-playing aficionados won't want to miss out on this stunning version of the game: the BESM Deluxe Limited Fourth Edition RPG. Each volume has been hand numbered and signed by BESM creator, Mark MacKinnon. The BESM logo is foil stamped onto a vibrant purple leatherette cover, the pages are accented with silver gilded edges, and the binding is enhanced with three handy bookmark ribbons to keep your place while playing. 

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