Arts & Crafts & Pokemon Snaps | 4/23 at 4:30PM

Arts & Crafts & Pokemon Snaps | 4/23 at 4:30PM


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EVENT POLICY:  We are currently only accepting pre-registered participants (no walk-ins) and masks are provided if you don't have one.

Arts & Crafts & Pokemon Snaps
Remember our painting parties? It's that, but now with Pokemon Snap on the projector (for funsies)! This differs from a structured workshop in that we all just paint miniatures of our choice together, using all of the tools and paints that we've collected over the years. Cost of entry gets you one small or medium unpainted miniature from the wall and access to all of our crafty supplies and collective experience. Silly prizes will ensue. If you have your own miniature that you'd like to paint you can bring it along, but you still get to pick out a miniature to add to your collection.

Time: 4:30pm to 7:00pm
Capacity: Up to 8
Entry: $10

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