Alchemy Perfume Roller

Alchemy Perfume Roller

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All Natural, Vegan, Paraben Free Perfume Roller inspired by fantasy folk and creatures. Made locally in PA.

Perfumes are long lasting and feature inclusions such as glimmering mica or herbs and

.33 oz/7 mL

Choose your scent!

Orc: Deep forest oak, bonfires, rippling muscles

Halfling: Berries, tea, sunshine, warm treats

Tiefling: Mystery, dried bloody roses, ethereal plants

Goblin: The feeling you get when you look at mossy stones and shinies

Hedge Witch: Nana's grimoire, herb gardens, helpful potions

Dwarf: Blacksmith's leather, oak casks, florid metalwork

Garden Gnome: Apron pockets stuffed with blooms, rose bushes, clay pots

Selkie: Dark seas, salty skin, melancholy homesickness

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