Alchemy Candles

Alchemy Candles

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100% Natural, Vegan, Paraben Free, Soy Candle made Locally in PA. All candles are dual wicked for a superior burn and fragrance throw.

Scents inspired by fantasy folk and creatures. Choose your scent!

Orc: Deep forest oak, bonfires, rippling muscles

Halfling: Berries, tea, sunshine, warm treats

Tiefling: Mystery, dried bloody roses, ethereal plants

Goblin: The feeling you get when you look at mossy stones and shinies

Hedge Witch: Nana's grimoire, herb gardens, helpful potions

Dwarf: Blacksmith's leather, oak casks, florid metalwork

Garden Gnome: Apron pockets stuffed with blooms, rose bushes, clay pots

Selkie: Dark seas, salty skin, melancholy homesickness

*Cloth cover and vegan leather ties may vary in design.

9 oz.

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