AUTOGRAPHED General Nerdery Tote Bag


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Featuring original artwork and autograph of Seres Hofundur for FARBO Co, Pegasus Books & Sundry, and Goblincrow Boutique, you can totes begotes your heavy books, boardgames, market produce, and/or anything else in this built-for-the-beach canvas tote bag with rope handles! Inside you'll find a zipper pocket for those tiny bits. It is reinforced at stress points because books are the second densest material known to man (behind vinyl records). It is technically a 10-oz tote bag but how do I convert that to DEE EN DEE?! IT'S MAGNETICALLY SEALED. Profits will be split equally three ways between FARBO Co/Goblincrow Boutique, Pegasus Books & Sundry, and the artist, Seres Hofundur. Only 50 are known to exist.

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