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Adventure Mart is a deck building card game of store management set in a modern, high fantasy world. Each player takes on the role of an Adventure Mart Manager setting up shop in a new town near the latest dungeon to be uncovered and will compete for the custom of adventurers from the local guilds. Players buy and sell powerful and exotic Stock to a host of strange and diverse customers, while also hiring uniquely talented Staff members who can help out. Players have only a few days to outperform their competition before all stores are liquidated at the end of the working week in this game of thrilling adventure capitalism!

2-4 players

Ages 10+

45-60 minute play time


36 Basic stock cards

59 Stock cards

20 Fixture cards

20 Staff Cards

36 Adventurer cards

14 Daily bulletin cards

1 Initiative token

3 Fighters Guild tokens

3 Ranger Guild tokens

3 Mage Guild tokens

3 Discount tokens

40 One gold coins

20 Five gold coins

1 Rule book

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