A Cozy Den

A Cozy Den

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A Cozy Den is an intimate game of domestic winter. Players roleplay as Lesbisnakes who all have different needs in their Den and various ways of approaching these needs, from cuddling, to napping, to wrestling. Lesbisnakes are half snake, half human, and all lesbian. Various threats are waiting outside of the Den throughout winter putting stress on the Lesbisnakes feelings. Can the Lesbisnakes maintain a community of coziness during the overwinter time?

GMless, 2-5 player game, one session play

Play a Lesbisnake: half human, half snake, all lesbian

Collaborative interior design on your Den

Gameplay feels cozy

Deconstruction of PbTA mechanics

Consensual Cuddling

Have problems like what to do when the internet is down

Choose your gender identification and presentation which is also the color of your scales

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