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GM Gems

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The best-selling systems-neutral book of GM inspiration returns, now updated to use DCC RPG stat blocks when default rules are required!

GM Gems has tools for every game master. It is filled with a wealth of information and ideas to empower every aspect of your game. Never run boring, vanilla games and never be caught flat-footed! This updated hardcover edition is systems-neutral yet uses DCC RPG stat blocks when default rules are required.

The updated hardcover edition features amazing new cover art by legendary TSR artist Laura Lakey. The completely new layout includes new interior illustrations by Stefan Poag in addition to the originals by William McAusland, plus a two-page spread on the endsheets by OSR favorite Peter Mullen.

GM Gems is written by veteran game masters, and includes:

Alchemical Mishaps
Empty Rooms Worth Describing
Extraordinary Campsites
Familiar Creatures with Unfamiliar Faces
Short Encounters for Short Attention Spans
Unique Taverns and Inns
Unusual Holidays
100 Unique Treasures
And much, much more!

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