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This peaceful game, by the multiwarded game designer Antoine Bauza, uses multiple mechanisms: set collection, point-to-point movement and variable player powers.

Welcome to the Tokaido, the legendary East Sea Road connecting Kyoto to Edo, in Japan. Here you will begin an extraordinary journey during which you will discover a thousand marvels. Time will be your best means to remain clear-signed, methodical and patient so that you don't miss anything on this unique road but instead can fully savor the experience Tokaido has to offer.

2-5 players

Ages 8+

45 minute play time


1 Game board

5 Traveler pieces

5 Travel point markers

5 Player color tokens

50 Coins

10 Traveler tiles

12 Hot Spring cards

60 Panorama cards

25 Meal cards

24 Souvenir cards

14 Encounter cards

7 Achievement cards

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