Sainome Colosseum R

Sainome Colosseum R

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The kingdom’s greatest warriors have come from far and wide to do combat and determine the fiercest of them all. Each has a personal reason to compete in the tournament, but one thread unites them all – to put their fighting skills on display and earn the right to be called champion.

Sainome Colosseum R is an ultra-accessible tabletop combat game for 2-4 players where opponents fight for glory in free-for-all battles, duos matches, or intense one-on-one showdowns. Incorporating distinct Japanese visual elements and innovative mechanics, Sainome Colosseum R features a roster of ten playable heroes—each possessing two forms and multiple unique abilities—and one hundred "Sainome Cards," which comprise the game’s many items, spells, weapons, and armor.

Using action selection, hand management, card drafting, and dice rolling, Sainome Colosseum R expertly blends strategy, luck, and balanced replayability to create a PvP experience that can be enjoyed by players of all ages and skill levels. With a run-time of 15-30 minutes and a learn-time of just 10, players can get into the action of Sainome Colosseum R quickly. This approachable yet dynamic gameplay leads to exciting and fast-paced bouts.

On each turn, a player chooses two out of five actions, resolves both, then discards to meet the hand limit requirements. To gain the advantage in battle, gear can be attached to your character by physically placing equipment cards on any side of your fighter with a corresponding slot. These equipment cards can then activated using a unique dice mechanism to attack your opponents and initiate a wide range of special effects. Adding further to this dynamic gameplay is the ability for each character to transform from their beginning Normal Form to a heightened Awakened Form, which grants skill upgrades. The player who best utilizes these various systems to reduce their opponent's HP to 0 is ultimately the winner!

Sainome Colosseum R is a remake of MR Entertainment’s very first card game “Sainome Colosseum,” and was developed after they received positive feedback about the original game and fan desires to see an expanded version of it. Thus, it’s best to think of Sainome Colosseum R as the complete, or enhanced, edition of the original title.

Sainome Colosseum R was translated into English and published by LionWing Publishing, a localization company focused on bringing Japanese tabletop games to the English market.

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