Zendikar Rising Commander: Sneak Attack (U/B)

Zendikar Rising Commander: Sneak Attack (U/B)

Wizards of the Coast

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Dive into (or dive deeper into) the Commander format of Magic with these premade decks! At half the price of regular Commander decks these are a fantastic entry point or can augment and existing collection. Each deck has three new cards and loads of reprints geared for Commander.

Update from WotC: "Initial allocations of Zendikar Rising will be arriving in North American locations in two waves. The first wave will be at the intended launch date of September 25. The second wave will arrive in stores 7 to 10 days after the first wave’s launch. As a result, some locations may experience limited availability until the second wave arrives. Additionally, Zendikar Rising Bundles in North America and the Asia-Pacific region will be delayed and will arrive in stores as soon as possible, though they are unlikely to be available at launch."

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