We sure do miss our events, but the safety of the community comes first, so here's our plan: the initial wave of events will require full vaccination. If you are not fully vaccinated please check Vaccinate Lancaster for an appointment.

Once you are two weeks out from your last shot you can fill out our Membership Form and then we will email you a link to our event pre-registration schedule (or you can inquire within). Walk-ins are not viable at this time as seating will be extremely limited.

Rental of the game room will also be available as we slowly deck it out to be my own dream DM's table. 

Events will be after hours (6:00pm). This is to prevent the accidental mingling of vaccination-confirmed participants and unknown patrons. Because everyone participating in an event will be confirmed fully vaccinated, masks will be optional under CDC guidelines. If a single person in an event is not comfortable without masks, we all mask up. Simple.

So let's chase that brain health and return to some normalcy, but slowly. We reserve the right to change all of this at the drop of a hat (please stop dropping the hats).